Buesink Welding & custom Fabrication offer a wide range of services, using the latest welding technology and state of the art equipment. Our staff are fully trained employees with many years of experience, able to work with all types of metals. There hasn’t been a project that Buesink hasn’t been able to complete for a client.

The type of work our shop can do is:

– MIG Welding
– TGAW Welding (TIG)
– Portable Welding
– SMAW Welding (ARC)
– Aluminium
– Stainless Steel & Mild Steel welding
– ARC Air Cutting
– Plasma Cutting
– Oxy Acetylene Cutting

Buesink Welding & Custom Fabrication serve clients in every area of industry, primarily our work is for factories and farmers, we perform primarily two functions, custom fabrication and repair.

Custom Fabrication

– animal feed systems, fertilizer tanks, grain storage
– animal penning (fencing, gates, ramps)
– staircases
– industrial wash bays
– metal cages
– machinery safety guarding (rails, fences)
– conveyor modification/fabrication (or rebuilding, repair)
– factory or warehouse custom racking or storage
– Custom hitches
– Steel doors
– Fences, Gates
– Steel fabrication: tools, grates, brackets, and frames
– Complete residential and commercial structural services
– Safety rails, bridge railings, waste baskets
– Trailer modifications
– And much more. Send an email if you aren’t sure.


– General and heavy equipment repairs
– Farm machines (tractors, skidders, ploughs, earthmover, bobcat) and agricultural equipment (grain feeders, silos, tanks) repair
– Municipal equipment repairs ex: garbage trucks, recycling trucks, sanders, sweepers, automated equipment
– Railing, gate, and fire escape construction and repairs
– Restaurant Sink Repair
– All types of piping jobs
– Structural Welding

Whatever your specifications and designs are, Buesink can build it, install it on site or at our workshop.

For examples of previous projects click here.

Below is more detail on the services Buesink offer. If you have a welding or custom fabrication project, contact us.

Custom Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication means having the ability to work with all types of metal including: sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, iron and aluminum. In any industry for any need, our talented staff can fabricate and produce your product based on your provided specifications.

Our Custom Metal Fabrication products include: Box Culverts, catch Basins, custom Racks, custom Stairs, form panel cages, material handling racks, farm/grain/fertilizer storage, metal cages/railings, ornamental work.

Portable Welding

 If you need work done on site and it can't be done in a workshop, Buesink has a portable welding system that comes directly to you for any on site installation or repairs.


Equipment & General Repair

Buesink specialize in repairing agricultural and farming equipment such as tractors, trailers, earthmovers, ploughs. The Previous Projects link can show you some of the custom fabrication and repair work completed for clients in the past. Strathroy Ontario is a farming community, and that is where our passion lies. Whatever you need repaired or modified, Buesink can do it.

Shearing, Bending, Punching

Our shear is capable of high quality cutting, our press brake is able to bend sheet metal fast and incredibly accurately.

grain hopper bending-shearing-metal-buesink-farming

Trailer Hitches

If they don't make a hitch for your vehicle, or it won't fit your needs, then let Buesink make one for you. We build custom hitches, racks, trailer modifications, all sort of accessories for your vehicle.


Vehicle Frames & Floor

Whether you have an old classic that you want repaired or you need some custom upgrades, Buesink make roll cages, frame connections, chassis welds, or manufacture new replacement panels and repair holes.